No, she wasn’t “fine”. She started saying that once she realized that revealing her sadness was never met with any consolation. At some point she realized, she was completely useless. Her presence was destroying relationships, ruining friendships and weakening interactions. She was wanted by none. It got to the point that the blood from her heart overflowed from her veins and everyone could smell it, thick with negativity and depression. Instead of helping her, they all decided to avoid her. Rather than gathering bandages to heal the wounds, those around her gathered stones to bruise her more. But still, her heart stayed strong, it still pumped with great force. She just needed one person, even if it was a stranger, to call out her name, with a gentle tone and a considerate smile. Someone to keep their hand on her shoulder and whisper, “I’m here for you.” That’s all. No more. No less.
At least when she cries at 3 a.m, she would know, someone out there cares for her. When the world pushes her down and places all the blame on her weak shoulders, in the corner of her mind she could think about that one person. So please, be that one person in someone’s life. They may be on the edge, and your support may save them from suicide.

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