I don’t know if y’all have heard this about Virgos or not but we are crazy, psychotic, nerds. We have mood swings and we’re always unsure about what we want from life. Our agendas are very vague. Nobody wants to be alone in life, Well I guess some wise people do, like Steven Hyde. Yes, I do think Hyde’s not just a weird junkie who likes Led Zeppelin, the guys a legend. Well, most people don’t like to be left alone. They want a live presence with them at all times. Be it a dog, a plant, a pet or other humans. Virgos, or maybe its just me, enjoy company but, they end up plotting their companions demise. Why? Because they cant stand a human presence for long, or any being for that matter, except maybe dogs, they’re loyal. Ugh. I did it again. See, we come up with excuses to please ourselves, like when we say that people aren’t loyal. Maybe that’s how these people have always been but you just think of reasons not to blame yourself for despising them, so you start projecting. Yeah, come to think of it now, I thought I was the only crackhead who did that, but before ya know it, it became an actual thing. So, we end up hating the person we were spending time with. We call it off. Or distance ourselves. A large part of the reason is our desires. We grow out of them, like clothes and shoes. Still, we all miss that dungaree we wore in kindergarten, we’d give anything just to wear it again. Well there you have it, the next thing you know, you find urself sitting in a dark corner listening to depressing music, wallowing in your sorrows, blaming yourself for how everything went down all because you hated sharing, so you couldn’t maintain any sort of steady relationship. Well, then comes the silver lining, you get another chance, you think you can do it differently, yet you get caught up in old habits again, like an inextricable thread. We play friends with people time and time again. Its time we start playing it differently or better yet, start accepting defeat, learning how to create a new playlist, and moving on. Its time we make an effort to understand our psyche rather the hating it, stop trying to be someone you’re not, try to fix whats wrong and create a new and improved version of your rules. ITS TIME WE STEP IT UP.

Written by: Syeda Fatima Zahra

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