The rule to live is simple: Go through every relation like a traveler without settling in any seemingly comfortable relation. As cynical as this might seem, it saves you and the person you love from thousands of undignified arguments. Life is about movement, life goes on, each morning the sun rises and falls, nothing stays in a comfortable state. Human beings encounter other human beings. The problem is when we try to stay in the space that we share with the people we love. We live there ignoring ourselves and our own development depending on those people. This is a corpse-like existence where you sit there numb, just expecting and expecting.
Yesterday I passed a smile to a stranger and she did the same. It felt more comforting than the reluctant smiles that old friends share, who may hold some grudges against you and you too might hold some against them but the rules of a polite society suggest that you two just conceal your feelings and act if nothing ever happened. Your expectations from your peers make the unselfish pure human relation become a business of giving and receiving. A bond without any hopes and expectations is the purest form of love that human beings can enjoy. This is why I like strangers. No expectations, no grudges just a pleasant little smile while you pass by the aisle of a grocery store. Secondly, the stranger hasn’t done you any wrong and the basic survival instincts will protect you as well. It is with the loved ones that you unintentionally let go of your survival instinct because it’s not a jungle where you might be hunted down, it’s the warm shelter of love adorned by the mutual bond of promises. With strangers, your instincts don’t get blurred and you maintain your sensibilities. In the end, I’ll quote what Coelho said,’’ People give flowers as a present because flowers contain the true meaning of love. Anyone who tries to possess a flower will have to watch its beauty fade. But if you simply look at a flower in the field, you’ll keep it forever.’’

written by: Rida Walayat Niazi

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