The world we live in is not humane anymore, maybe it never was and maybe it was just giving the illusion of humanity. Brutality has always existed in small proportions but now is coming out in the open, slowly and eventually replacing the little traces of humanity left. Is our conscious already dead?
Let’s not talk about big barbarous prolonged massacres of Syria and Palestine in which millions of people have lost their lives, their homes, their families and to a great extent, themselves. Take us “the normal people” for instance. How human are we? Let’s admit the fact that we are all brutal to some degree. The money you saved for buying a new phone might’ve saved someone’s life. The sandwich you threw away thinking it was waste, might’ve been someone’s dinner. The employee you insulted for being late might be suffering from severe mental depression. You never know and you aren’t interested in knowing. The essence of you being human is lost. These small inhuman acts don’t bother you anymore. You are used to them, but someone else might not be. You might be hurting someone knowingly or unintentionally. You don’t think before acting in the moment. You are self-centered. Will you ever be able to realize your heartlessness? Will you ever be able to mend to your ways? Will you ever be able to repent? Will you be able to become human again?
Around 10.7% people of the world are victims of extreme poverty living on less than $1.90 a day. How would the nourished and healthy people feel if they have no food for a day? The food you waste needlessly, someone somewhere in the world might be very very lucky to get. The food you have is a blessing. But you don’t acknowledge this fact and neither have you tried to help the ones who are deprived of it. Isn’t it inhumane to deliberately waste food instead of giving it to someone in need? Don’t you have the courage to give away your leftovers?
The actual purpose of our creation is to support each other, to show humanity towards each other. But we are so busy with ourselves that we have actually forgotten the sole purpose behind our creation.
I am not blaming you alone for anything. I too am a part of this circle. I too act inhumanly. I too hurt people knowingly. But each time I hurt someone, my conscious hits hard. I feel guilty. Guilt certainly means that your conscious is alive. You just need to enhance it a little. Life will be a lot easier if we become “Humans” again. The world is distressed; our few words and deeds of kindness can help ease this pain a little. I believe generosity is not very expensive. It hardly takes a dollar or two to bring a smile on someone’s face and trust me the very act is satisfying. It calms your soul and helps in restoring the inner peace. It makes you think like a good person.

Written by: Laiba Amer

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