There are rivers flowing in my heart
Their wild waves are breaking apart
With my walls, they continuously strike
And leave behind a new wound I dislike
But there is nothing  that I can do
There would be no remedy, I knew
But still, I let that emotion in my heart
And allowed it to break me apart
So endless and tiresome this feeling is
Peace and satisfaction long ago I miss
Let’s wait for the new turn that life takes
And see what positive changes it makes
I will somehow spend this dark night
I will be patient and wait for the light
Let’s wait, how much time it takes
For the light to fill the darkness’s place
Soon, wondrous flowers will blossom
Attached to them, thorns will be some
In my heart, they will replace the waves
They will make gardens out of graves
Written by: Zahra Manzoor Abbasi
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