I stumbled to my feet
My mind partly in a state of turmoil
My eyes in pursuit of the remaining traces of light
My frustration spreading its benumbing beams
Pulverizing every hope of my survival
But darkness prevailed my surroundings
Darkness-that was enthralling every limb of my body
Leaving me trammeled within this pandemonium

Perhaps my annihilation lied within this vacuity
This dark abyss from where my return was nearly impossible
I spent time contemplating,
Wondering, what brought me to this threshold
thinking about that crime I had committed
Which made me worthy of such castigation
Was it my flagrancy or imperative innocence?
I thought incessantly,
But nothing could I come up with
Other than the fault of being ignorant
Ignorant on part of our flaws,
The flaws of  this treacherous world

Then in the midst of my depression
Emerged a distant spark of blue light
A light- as distant as the sun,
A light- capable of illuminating the world
This spark flickered, blossomed and radiated
Gradually eating up the darkness
Slowly letting itself ablaze
It’s warmth so intense and almost scorching
I lunged towards it
But came back stumbling down
No- I thought this was not the end-
My unwavering fortitude compelled me to rise
I ran and ran, till it was in my hands
Until I rose triumphant in my pursuit of light.


Written by: Emaan Mujahid


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