Black has always been my least favorite color. Even when I was a little kid. I abhorred the deadly, dull color. Darkness, therefore, always seemed abominable to me.
I can still recall the days when my mom used to tuck me under the covers at night, and as she left, she used to keep the door slightly ajar so that the light from the corridor prevented my room from getting too dark.
Several such thoughts kept flashing through my mind as I lay helpless in the ward. I raised my hand to my face, and all I could feel was the myriad of bandages that blanketed my face. I started to get restless. I wanted to tear off the bandages so that I could see the bright world, but I knew that it was not possible. I had been subjugated to this condition for the past three weeks, and by now, I had grown absolutely restless.
As I was engrossed in my own thoughts, I heard the door open, From the click of the heels against the floor, I could tell that it was a lady nurse. She came up to me, and said, ”Miss Eliza, Dr. Adam will be here in thirty minutes. He believes its time to take the bandages off.”
An instant wave of relief and joy swept through my entire body. I cursed the day when the accident had taken place. I was filled with excitement, anxiety, and eagerness. As I lay there, the memory of the accident filled my mind…
It’d been a very cloudy day. As I was returning home from work, it had started to rain, at first quite slowly but by the time I was three blocks away from home, the splatter of the rain against the windshield had grown so loud that it had become impossible for me to listen to the radio; even when the volume was full. It was then that I felt my cell phone vibrate in my coat pocket. I started to pick it up, when I looked up back again, I saw a car advancing from the opposite direction. I grew hysterical and swerved the steering towards the left to stop myself from crashing into the other car. I suddenly lost control, and my speedy car crashed into a huge tree. The windshield shattered into a million pieces and fell right on top of me; several landing in my eyes and on my face! And all I remember is that I hit my head on the steering wheel before I lost all consciousness…
Ever since I had regained consciousness, I had been lying in a bed with my face and leg heavily bandaged. The leg had never really bothered me, but the bandaged pain was a constant pain as the darkness disgruntled me. I longed to see the bright world again; the light of the sun, the stars and the moon.
And now, the entire ordeal was coming to an end! I lay on the bed suffused with joy and excitement.
About five minutes later, I heard the door open, and someone walked up to me.
”Hey! It’s Dr. Adam. How’re you feeling today?” he asked.
”Very excited”. I joked.
He instantly got down to business. I could feel him take off several bandages.
”Sit up”, he ordered. When I did, he started to unroll the bandages.
”Okay now! I’m going to take these cotton balls off your eyes. I want you to open your eyes very slowly.”
I nodded. When he took the balls off, I slowly started to open my eyes, expecting bright lights to flood my eyes; to blind me; but when I opened them, nothing except darkness prevailed before me!
I blinked several times, hoping for some sort of miracle; a miracle that would return me my vision; but nothing happened. Tears welled up in my eyes and I started to scream hysterically. I felt several hands on me, trying to calm me down, but I totally got out of control. Tears streamed down my face at an incredibly fast pace. I started to pick up stuff I could not see from the side table and started to throw it. I was trapped in a horrendous labyrinth of darkness to which there seemed to be no end; it was eternal!
Black had been my least favorite color and now that was the only color I was going to view for the rest of my life. Darkness had always terrified me, and now I would continue to experience that terror!
As I continued to scream, a firm hand tightly gripped my arm and inserted an injection. The sedative seemed to take control almost immediately. I started to get drowsy and fell back on the bed, and drifted off into a deep sleep…

Written by: Narmeen Asjal

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