A girl I can’t describe with words… her overflowing hair, her enchanting eyes that always took me deeper and deeper, her winsome smile that drove me insane. People say love fades away with time but I believe true love never fades away regardless of what happens.
I feel in love, in true love. Although I have seen her only two or three times I love her and I believe no one can love each other as much as we do. Her smile, her eyes, her personality, her thinking, the way she deals with everything like no one can. She is perfect. She is mine.
On 26 September 2017. I got a friend request from a girl. I ignored it because I don’t know her. On January 25 I accepted thinking it was probably a fake account. When I saw her posts I came to know that she belonged to my city and she was my class fellow. I sent her a message I don’t know why, but I did. I waited for a reply and when she didn’t reply I sent seven messages in a row and she just replied ‘ooooo’.
Then we talked. I told her she sent me a friend request. She told me that was by mistake. There were many things we had in common, we were position holders. So there was some great bonding between us. Then we started watching movies together, which meant starting a movie at the same time, opening WhatsApp and just enjoying.
Days pass and we were getting closer and closer. I wished I could see the person I was talking to all night. Don’t know why but when I talk to her I feel safe, I feel I got my whole world. I had feelings for her. I wanted to tell her but she was against love. She thought friendship never fades away but love does. She believes there is no love. I couldn’t tell her that I loved her because of losing our friendship. Days pass and our relationship becomes stronger. She told me that she had never been so frank with anyone like she is with me. She is a tough girl. She doesn’t know how to smile. I make her laugh. I put a smile on her face. I figured she had a horrible past and I feel that sometimes she wants to tell me something about her past but she doesn’t. But I committed myself to love her so that she will forget her past and move on.                                                                                                                                                                                         So I proposed to her. I know she liked me. I proposed and she said it was a big decision and to give her some time. The next day she accepted. I felt like I got the whole world. I got a reason to smile. I got a reason to live.  But the next day she said it was a mistake. We were still friends but I was hurt however I promised myself to love her. One day I cried and asked her “why can’t you see love, is something wrong with me?” I cried and send her an audio message. She said I love you too and she was crying so badly that she couldn’t even breath.                                                                 It was the 1st of July 2018. She cried all night and told me that I don’t show that I love you because you deserve better. She loved me from the first day but never showed me. Next day she says again that we can be friends. There could be family problems due to cast. But I was certain that if not her then no one. She took one month and finally openly said “I love you” and said now no one can steal you away from me. I can’t tell the way she loves me. I am very weak when it comes to her. If I have to restrict her from doing something. I cry over and over. But She understands and follows my restrictions. She does so because she knows she is my world and there is no one like her. When she looks at me I think “How did God create her?”. How can someone be so beautiful?. Her eyes, I’m just mad because of her eyes. There is another world in her eyes. Her voice is more beautiful than birds chirping. She really stole my heart. Her way of talking, her looks, her heart that beats for me her everything is just so perfect that no one can talk to her without loving her. I love you, I love you more than anything.

Written by: Muhammad Ali

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