Determination, Hard work, Effort, struggle, hardship are the keywords for success. Success is a need for some and for others think it’s the purpose of life. Everyone dreams big and work to achieve it. Success comes to those who have the thirst to achieve it. Success comes with great sacrifice and commitment. The world is only interested in your success, but no one cares about the struggle and pain, the sacrifices, the commitments and the hard work which leads towards success.
Almost all of us know the story of the spider, who tried three times to reach its web, but each time he slipped and fell on the ground but he never lost hope, his intentions were crystal clear and destiny played its role so he was finally successful in reaching his web. One must be determined to reach their goal. Continuous falls, failures, and defeat disappoint us; some of us are just fed up with the failures and quit trying. As a result, we end up throwing in the proverbial towel. Disappointment and a depressive response are natural and common for humans. In today’s competitive world, many people are victims of depression, rejection, and disappointment, and as a result, suicidal cases are common. We lack motivation, but not because we have no goals or we are too lazy to reach our target. Even the most successful entrepreneurs, the richest businessmen, biggest stars, and champions lose their focus and can be disappointed with the process of success. What makes all of them determined, focused and motivated is their curiosity, how much better or faster they can get, which at the end leads towards success.
There are some tips, which will help you stay motivated and determined towards your goals.
1. Be Positive
Optimistic thinking makes you a positive person. People are the best motivators for their fellows, but they can be pessimistic about themselves. Life is 10% what happened to us and 90% is how we react to it. At the start of the journey if you feel that you are not capable of achieving your goals, then the path will be like burning coals for you. Make a vision and stay positive in every situation, that is the key to success.
2. Be Focused
Stop distracting yourself from the other stuff. Stay focused on your goals. You have plans, you have vision, but if you lack focus, success is just a dream. Try to be an exciting explorer, experimenter, and discoverer, fuel your motivated nerve. Think out of the box and step out of your comfort zone.
3. Explore your strength
Every person is special. Every human has something unique which is enough to get their dream job. You should explore your strength. It depends on the person, how they use their strength and overcome their weakness. In simple words, you should know what your polished skills are.
4. Make your journey exciting
If you are unhappy, then success is a short-lived dream. You should make your journey exciting and thrilling to keep yourself focused and interesting. It is another way to motivate you in whole success journey. In the journey of success, you are writing your success story and living as a character in your story. The character which is being molded twisted and tested. Life is unfolding in different phases of your life. In the end, you will achieve your goal but if the journey is not fun, then you will not enjoy the flavor of success completely. There are negative and depressing thoughts in your mind and you are unhappy with yourself at the end.
5. Plan your steps
Since, our childhood, our life is pre-planned. First, it was planned by our parents, then teachers and then by ourselves because planning is important to achieve a goal. It gives us vision and a clear the path towards the goal. Make a weekly calendar; highlight the important steps and how you work. This will help you to improve as well as recheck your successful steps. Each step is a learning experience in your success story.

Written by: Misbah Shahid

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